St. Patrick - Denver

ADDRESS: Denver Turnverein, 1570 Clarkson Street
Denver, Colorado, 80218
United States

Phone: (720) 382-2996

St. Patrick – Denver Vision

Saint Pats-Denver is a “centered-city” in the heart of Denver with a holistic vision for the city. We believe the Gospel reaches the lost. We are committed to offering the hope of the Gospel to the unconverted. We also believe the Gospel has a vital impact on all of life and we will be committed to helping Christians work with excellence in their callings whether they be artists, moms, students or CEOs. Our creation theology recognizes that we are called by God the Creator to steward the resources of the earth and support and minister to the poor. We will be a church that champions sustainability and social justice, making Denver even a better place to live. We will be committed to reproduce ourselves by planting new churches and to serve as a hub for church planting in metro-Denver and the West. We plan to accomplish this vision by initially reaching unbelievers in the urban core, mobilizing Christians, developing a strong small-group ministry and worshipping in the heart of the city. Success will be a self-supporting, maturing congregation of 600 committed to this vision.

St. Patrick – Denver Mission

Significant Question… “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.” – Proverbs 11:10

What kind of church would we have to be so that virtually the entire city rejoices over our success? In light of that question, our vision is to…

…connect people to God by a fresh retelling of the historic Gospel.

We want to see the number of Christians greatly multiplied in Denver. We want these believers to be involved in every segment of the social fabric of Denver. We want to foster a new breed of believers who “dream dreams for Denver” rather than figuring out the best way to build our own empire. We aim to realize this mission: 1) Through a variety of large worship celebrations which both builds up believers and helps the spiritually skeptical, curious, and uncommitted. 2) Through a network of small groups meeting in homes and businesses throughout the week. 3) Through ministries that penetrate the marketplace with Christ’s values. 4) Through ministries that heal broken social conditions with Christ’s compassion and justice. 5) Through ministries that multiply new churches throughout the Denver-metro area and the rapidly growing Front Range region.

In five years I hope to see many new believers and a maturing congregation beginning to live out this vision for Denver because of the impact of St. Patrick – Denver.