Our next funding period will not be until 2018

Outlined below is our three step process for all men who desire to start a church with the Spanish River Church Planting Network. This is a highly relational process and you will be given personal guidance each step of the way.

1. Application

Spanish River Church supports men that are called of God looking to start reformed, male elder lead, gospel preaching churches that are within a 12 month range of launching their first worship service and are currently living in the area they wish to plant in. If this describes you click the following link to fill out the online application: Church Planter Application. Once you have completed this form, a member of our church planting team will respond to you letting you know we have received your application, however the application process will not start till late 2017.

2. Proposal

A member of our Church Planting team will coach you through the entire proposal process. We supply you with all of the templates you will need to create your proposal. The church plant proposal is comprised of four basic components.

  1. Church Planter(s) resume, assessment results
  2. Church Plant theological position, vision, mission, and values, missional strategy, core group information, timeline, long term goals, etc.
  3. Church Plant target location information
  4. Financial Budget

3. Board Review

All proposals are reviewed by the members of our Church Planting Board. This proposal will cover your personal, theological, church mission values, and budget information. After the board has had an opportunity to review your proposal and interviewed you, we will present you with our decision.