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Our Kingdom Platform – Church Planting

We are honored to support Church Planters throughout the world.

At SRC we believe that church planting is the best way to meet practical, spiritual and emotional needs, and that it is vital to advancing the Gospel. As a church family, it is one of our Kingdom Platforms, and we give 20% of our annual budget to Spanish River Church Planting. This ministry supports church planters through finances and theological training.

We ask that you continue to pray for our church planters and their communities. God is doing amazing work, and we are honored and blessed to be a part of it!

by: SRC Church Planting

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Ron On The Road: Lucknow, India

Throughout the year, Ron Tobias travels to meet church planters all over the globe. These trips include opportunities to see how God is working through the churches and to make connections for future partnerships. In March 2017, Ron went to Lucknow, India with John Slavic, Hannah Mezzell and David Slavic.

Lucknow, India Update

IMG_0669Lucknow is located in Utter Pradesh state of India. It is only 1% Christian. The major religion is Hindu, but there are also a large number of Muslims. There are no large Christian churches in this area.

We arrived in Lucknow the morning of March 10th. After a quick nap to recover from the 22 hour flight, we met with 16 Pastors and trainees of the Good News Presbytery. They shared updates from both the churches and the training they are receiving. There are currently two active and thriving churches in this presbytery. Both of them are over 80 in attendance for their Sunday morning worship. Their pastors are training other interns for future church plants in the area. The churches also have a large small group ministry. One of the churches has over 250 people attending their small groups or cell groups has they call them. Transportation is difficult in Lucknow and so the cell groups are the only effective way of reaching many of the members.

IMG_0630On the following day we held a seminar on Reformed theology. All 16 pastors and trainees attended this seminar. It was a long but a productive day for these men. It was the first time some of them had been exposed to Calvinism, so there were lots of questions.

Sunday morning we attended services at both churches. We were able to share with the aid of an interpreter. It was amazing to be able to worship with our brothers and sisters in this beautiful country. Khen Tombing from Manipur state also joined us on Sunday. Khen is the director of the Presbyterian Church in India.

IMG_0626On Monday, we once again spent most of the day at the training center. John Slavic and I trained them in the Gospel Boot Camp. The pastors were eager to learn this material.

Tuesday morning before we left, we spent time discussingIMG_0631 the struggles of planting in this region of India. While we were here the people of India elected a new government that is considered to be radical Hindus. This new government will be hostile to the spreading of the Gospel. This will present new challenges in the planting of churches.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday were travel days as we made our way to Manipur State. This state is in the northeast of India.

by: SRC Church Planting

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Update from Steve Thiel in Windsor, Connecticut

We recently received an update from one of our church planters, Steve Thiel. Steve and his wife, Linda, have been planting Proclamation Church in Windsor, Connecticut.

Dear Friends of Proclamation Church,

We are so thankful for your faithful partnership in the gospel!

Rejoicing in a Wonderful Thanksgiving – I’m writing to encourage you about a number of exciting things going on at Christ Proclamation Church. For starters, we had wonderful special Thanksgiving services on Sunday, November 22nd. Our attendance that morning was 135 as I preached on “rejoicing always, praying without ceasing, and giving thanks in everything”. We then had over 135 that night for a potluck dinner, singing, and an extended share time where we did just that… “rejoiced always, prayed without ceasing, and gave thanks in everything”. It was wonderful! We also had a record high 25 ladies attend our monthly Women’s Rejoicing and Requesting event. One of the many unbelieving guests is now a regular attender at our Sunday morning service and adult bible study. Please pray that she and the other unbelievers in our midst would see the glory of the gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ!

Looking forward to a Simple Christmas – We’ve just finished the book of John and are moving into our special Christmas sermon series this Sunday entitled “Simple Christmas – Clarity in the Midst of Chaos”. We’ve printed out 1,000 postcards that are being personally handed out by our congregation and sent to all the new residents in our area (banner attached). Please pray that many would come to hear the glorious message about Jesus Christ, that the gospel would go forward in power as I preach on Simple Hope (12/13), Simple Peace (12/20), Simple Joy (12/24), and Simple Faith (12/27) this Christmas season. When our eyes are fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ and our faith is grounded in His finished work on the cross, life gets very simple and we’re able to have clarity in the midst of the Christmas chaos. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Requests

Facility Request – We are outgrowing our current school facility (capacity = 135) and trying to put the details in place to migrate to a larger school facility (capacity = 250) owned by the same company. Please pray that the CREC organization would be excited and helpful in the process.
Outreach Focus – We have 1,000 postcards printed for our special Christmas sermon series entitled “Simple Christmas – Clarity in the Midst of Chaos”. Please pray that our congregation would be bold to invite and that many would response and attend our Christmas services.
Power of the Gospel – At the end of the day, there is only one thing that matters, that God would bless the faithful preaching of His Word that eyes might be opened and hearts might be touched to believe in Jesus. The gospel alone is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16). Please pray that many would come to faith in Christ this holiday season.
Thank you again for your generous and consistent support of our church planting efforts. We are so grateful for your prayers!!!

Yours in Christ,

by: SRC Church Planting

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Street Evangelism in Brazil

Street Evangelism in Rio de Janeiro

In September, which is the beginning of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, our church and a group from Youth with a Mission, went to the street to share the gospel. We wanted to do something creative and at the same time keep the essence of the proclamation of the gospel. We set up a small stand with flowers and we started giving flowers to people and reading small poems about hope to them. That opened up the conversation and that’s when we shared about The GREATEST hope, The GREATEST change – Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It was a great experience. We were in a famous square in our neighborhood. For many of us this was the first time we did this kind of evangelism. We really enjoyed it.
Thank you for your partnership.
Felipe Telles
Igreja Presbiteriana Raizes
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Check out our video from that day!
by: SRC Church Planting

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Ron on the Road: Dublin, Ireland

I have spent the last two days in Dublin Ireland, and am impressed with this city’s history and beauty. Ireland is know as the “land of saints and scholars” and yet evangelicals make up less than one percent of the population. Dublin is a city with a deep connection to Catholicism, and yet because of the scandals in recent years, and the growing liberalism very few people attend church.

I was able to meet with two pastors of two new church plants who are trying to bring the Gospel into this city. Steve Vaughn (pictured here)image1 leads Christ City Church in the Temple bar area of Dublin. They launched this church nine months ago and meet in a film studio on Sunday mornings. Steve is a bi-vocational pastor, he works at a multi-national tech firm as well as leads Christ City Church. The attenders of Christ City Church range in age of 18-25 years old, they are students and young professionals who live in the city of Dublin. Please keep Steve and his family in your prayers as the faithfully serve in this city.

I also met with Kieron Lynch, Kieron Lynch Kieron and Mark Smith are planting City Church Dublin. You can learn more about them and their church on this video. http://www.citychurchdublin.ie/city-church-video/ It has been both encouraging and exciting to see what God is doing through these church planters. They both shared many stories of people coming to faith, and lives being changed. 

They are also excited to see if their churches can be a catalyst for the beginnings a new church planting movement here in Dublin. 
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