Ron on the Road: SRC Church Plant Road Trip

We began this journey on September 12, the goal is to visit 40 churches around the U.S., that Spanish River Church has partnered to plant. This will involve travelling some 14,000 miles and visiting 36 states over a two month period. Miriam and I left our home on Monday morning and are now three days into this journey. Our first stop was Stuart, Florida, where we visited with David Richardson of Treasure Coast Presbyterian. David has been serving as the senior pastor of TCPC for only 3 months. He has recently started teaching his first membership class and is excited about where he is taking his people. 

David and his wife Christy have two daughters. They are experiencing all the challenges of a young family with the added responsibility of leading a growing congregation. Please pray for David and Christy has they struggle with time, and the ever growing needs of the Church.

That's all for now, we will catch up on the postings later today.