Ron on the Road: Tyler Jones of Vintage 21

Miriam and I spent the weekend visiting family and attending Sunday morning services at First Baptist Church of Reidsville. Miriam's niece is the worship leader at this church. Sunday afternoon we drove to Raleigh where we attended the Sunday evening worship service at Vintage 21 Church. Tyler Jones is the lead pastor of Vintage 21, and planted this downtown church nine years ago.

Vintage 21 is a church planting church, they give 12% of their general fund every year to help plant new churches. Tyler also serves as the Regional Director of Acts 29 and coaches new church planters.

Vintage 21 has seven weekend services at three locations. They are a very young church and have a large amount of college students that are members and regular attenders. The church is in the middle of a fundraising campaign to purchase 8 acres in downtown Raleigh. The property will be strategic in the growth plans for Vintage 21, and will serve as a community outreach center.

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Tyler on Monday morning, where he treated me to a scotch egg (deep fried boiled egg), which must be a southern thing. Tyler is excited about the future of Vintage 21, and also concerned about the need of mature believers to serve in key leadership roles. Please keep this church and the leaders in your prayers as they step out in faith on the purchase of this property. Tyler and his wife Kimberly have three young children. Tyler is very grateful to the people of SRC for being faithful in giving to the vision of Vintage 21, so that now they too can help plant other churches.