Update from Steffen Mueller in Munich

Praise and Prayer Requests Thank God for the good services He gave us in December. Twice we had over 100 people in the service. Overall in the Advent and Christmas season there were about 75 new visitors (around 50 on Christmas Eve). One thing that is new is that the majority of these visitors came from Grünwald - which is wonderful because Grünwald is one of the most secular areas in all of Munich.

God is doing a lot of wonderful things at Gospel Church: several marriages that have been at a difficult place are moving in a good direction; there is good unity and people are really listening to what the Bible has to say - even though sometimes a good bit is quite new to them and contradicts a lot what they had been taught for decades. Please pray that we will continue to see good unity, deepening relationships (and that the new folks will be quickly integrated and brought in) and much spiritual fruit.

Last Sunday God gave us a wonderful service at the "Hofbräukeller" in downtown Munich. Due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris I also briefly spoke about the fact that Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God and that in fact, muslims desperately need Jesus (not as prophet as they think, but as God and Savior - muslims deny that Jesus died for our sins and that he rose from the dead). What I said was politically very incorrect, but the truth. God helped me to say it with a lot of love. Please pray for protection for us as a church and in particular for me and our family. Please pray that God will use the things I said to strengthen us as a church and give us more revival and a zeal to love and pray for muslims (as well as for materialistic people, atheists, secular people and others).

Thank you for all your prayers! May God richly bells you all in 2015.

Warmly In Christ, Steffen Muller, Pastor, Gospel Church Muchen