Prayer Focus: Nathan Riley & Hub City Church, Albany

Wanted to fill you and the SRC family in on some urgent news and prayer requests. This last week has been crazy, this last 12 hours even more so. As you maybe knew, we launched Hub City Church back in January in an old grocery store that we were able to lease. It was a great spot, and after a lot of work it started to feel like home to us. Two weeks ago we were told to vacate because the owner had sold the building... Bummer. So we spent all last week packing moving, cleaning, etc. But God provided, and we were able to relocate to South Albany High School. This last Sunday was our first in this new venue and it was great! It was the most well attended gathering since our launch, and we loved it! As an added bonus, they allowed us to store all of our stuff on sight (no need to trailer anything!). I awoke to a phone call at 5am this morning informing me that a 4-alarm fire had been reported at South Albany High School. The building was leveled and declared a total loss. And 100% of all that we own as a church (sound gear, instruments, kids stuff, hospitality, decor, etc) was completely destroyed in addition to the building where we were planning to host our Easter services. We now have no gear, no venue, and no immediate plan, though we are working on all of this right now. I wanted to send this email in hopes that you and the SRC family could hold us up in prayer. It's been a trying season, and while we believe God is with us it is a rough time.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for the support and prayers.

Peace, Nathan Riley Lead Pastor, Hub City Church Albany, Oregon