Update from Steve Thiel in Windsor, Connecticut

We recently received an update from one of our church planters, Steve Thiel. Steve and his wife, Linda, have been planting Proclamation Church in Windsor, Connecticut.

Dear Friends of Proclamation Church,

We are so thankful for your faithful partnership in the gospel!

Rejoicing in a Wonderful Thanksgiving - I'm writing to encourage you about a number of exciting things going on at Christ Proclamation Church. For starters, we had wonderful special Thanksgiving services on Sunday, November 22nd. Our attendance that morning was 135 as I preached on "rejoicing always, praying without ceasing, and giving thanks in everything". We then had over 135 that night for a potluck dinner, singing, and an extended share time where we did just that... "rejoiced always, prayed without ceasing, and gave thanks in everything". It was wonderful! We also had a record high 25 ladies attend our monthly Women's Rejoicing and Requesting event. One of the many unbelieving guests is now a regular attender at our Sunday morning service and adult bible study. Please pray that she and the other unbelievers in our midst would see the glory of the gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ!

Looking forward to a Simple Christmas - We've just finished the book of John and are moving into our special Christmas sermon series this Sunday entitled "Simple Christmas - Clarity in the Midst of Chaos". We've printed out 1,000 postcards that are being personally handed out by our congregation and sent to all the new residents in our area (banner attached). Please pray that many would come to hear the glorious message about Jesus Christ, that the gospel would go forward in power as I preach on Simple Hope (12/13), Simple Peace (12/20), Simple Joy (12/24), and Simple Faith (12/27) this Christmas season. When our eyes are fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ and our faith is grounded in His finished work on the cross, life gets very simple and we're able to have clarity in the midst of the Christmas chaos. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Requests

Facility Request - We are outgrowing our current school facility (capacity = 135) and trying to put the details in place to migrate to a larger school facility (capacity = 250) owned by the same company. Please pray that the CREC organization would be excited and helpful in the process. Outreach Focus - We have 1,000 postcards printed for our special Christmas sermon series entitled "Simple Christmas - Clarity in the Midst of Chaos". Please pray that our congregation would be bold to invite and that many would response and attend our Christmas services. Power of the Gospel - At the end of the day, there is only one thing that matters, that God would bless the faithful preaching of His Word that eyes might be opened and hearts might be touched to believe in Jesus. The gospel alone is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16). Please pray that many would come to faith in Christ this holiday season. Thank you again for your generous and consistent support of our church planting efforts. We are so grateful for your prayers!!!

Yours in Christ, Steve