Ron On The road: Los Angeles, California

Emmanuel Reformed church, located in Paramount, California, has made a huge impact in their community in the past decade.

What began as a small ministry to paint a few homes has multiplied into an event (taking place 4 times a year) that brings together over 2000 volunteers on a mission to improve homes, relationships and community. 

On October 21st a few of us from Spanish River Church made the trip to Los Angeles to observe and learn from Pastor Ken Korver and his team of 2000 painters.

They are making a huge impact in their community by painting the homes (and schools) of their neighbors. This ministry has resulted in lowering both the unemployment and crime rates while raising pride of their community. But, even more important is the opportunity for the church and its members to share the gospel with their neighbors.

The day began with a huge rally at the Compton Courthouse. The speakers included a City Council member, the Mayor of Compton, and a Grammy-winning recording artist. 

After the rally we visited several of the sites. One location was an elementary school in which several hundred volunteer painters were painting the entire public school


It was exciting to witness such an infectious ministry that can serve as an example to other churches as we seek ways to meet community needs and establish relationships.

Emmanuel Reformed Church is also very committed to planting new churches in the east Los Angeles communities. On Sunday we were able to attend the launch of a new church in Lynwood. Rudy Rubio and Chris Marquez are planting the Reformed Church of Los Angeles.


RCLA is being planted in a very depressed part of the city, They had about 75 people show up for the first service in their new building.

We are very excited for the partnership we have with Emmanuel Reformed Church. You can find additional information on their painting ministry here.