New Planter Spotlight: Alvin Litonjua

 The Litonjua Family

The Litonjua Family

Alvin Litonjua IS THE THE HEAD PASTOR FOR The Crossroads Church of Dubai in Dubai,United Arab Emirates. WE ARE HONORED TO PARTNER WITH HIM AND THE CHURCH COMMUNITY BEGINNING IN 2018.

How have you seen God working in your life?

My life before Christ saved me had no direction and purpose. I was rebellious and did not care about God. Until one day, I was invited to a church and in that service, I heard the Gospel of Christ preached. I slowly came to realize that I had greatly offended God’s holiness, was dead to my sins, will face God’s judgement and that Christ death on the cross is the only way for redemption. I repented of my sins and put my faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross. 

As I continued to walk with the Lord, I started having new desires, practices and purpose. I became a member of a baptist church and was actively involved in the ministry. I pursued seminary training and short after graduating, served our church as the executive pastor for nine years until the Lord led me and my wife to minister in Dubai.

In Dubai, I served as one of the pastors at Redeemer Church and there my love for Jesus, the local church and the gospel has grown so much that there was an increasing desire in me to plant a church in our native tongue in the UAE that would display God’s glory to the watching world.

Currently we have been meeting as a pre-launch team praying and preparing for the launch in March 2018. As the date draws near, my love and joy for God's Word and the people who are to covenant with us has been increasing.

How have you seen God working in your family?

My wife has always been supportive to the ministry I am part of. However, there was a season in our marriage and ministry that she felt like the church was a mistress to her, a competition. I was forcing her to do a lot of things and be someone who she was not which deeply wounded her.

When we moved to Dubai and became part of Redeemer, all of these hurts were exposed when Dave and Gloria Furman ministered to us, and reminded us that marriage is a picture of the gospel, where the husband loves his wife just as Christ loved the church that He gave his life for her and the wife lovingly submitting to the husband (Eph5). Praise God for godly men and women who are willing to pour into us.

Currently, we are seeing growth in gospel humility towards one another. The Lord’s been growing us on how we communicate and are now more open and transparent to each other’s needs, concerns, struggles and desires.

We regularly ask tough, heart questions and speak truth in love (Eph4:15). We seek ways to serve one another in love (Eph5:21-33), remind each other with the truth of the Gospel and have regular accountability partners with other couples. 

Her view of the local church has dramatically changed for the better and is now faithfully serving alongside me.

How have you seen God working in your church?

We are not a church yet, but are preparing towards that end. As a pre-launch team, we are slowly seeing a gospel community take shape. We are currently experiencing gospel and discipleship growth. Each family and individuals are intentionally speaking gospel truths towards one another. They schedule meetings within the week to read the Bible and share meals together. Most of the people who are with us are not from the same region in the Philippines. We are growing in our understanding of the unity that we have in Christ. 

They are from different regions who each speak their own regional dialects and has their own regional sub-cultures. It is a joy for me to see that these relationships are founded by the gospel. I would say, these relationships are supernatural. We are so encouraged to have witness this early on in the plant.

Church Vision

We believe that the fundamental purpose of the church is to worship God and that Crossroads would be a church that displays God’s glory to the watching world. Our mission is to “Make disciples of all nations to the glory of God” and the way to fulfill this is through evangelism and discipleship.

Our vision is not just to reach Tagalog-speakers with the Gospel and see more Tagalog-speaking churches planted in the UAE and beyond, but to reach the nations with the Gospel!

We live in a city where people from around 200 different nationalities have moved to. A huge number of these peoples came from leased reached and unreached people groups. Dubai is 85% expatriates and 15% locals. Filipinos are ranked as one of the largest people groups in Dubai.

Many Filipinos work inside homes of the unreached, serving as nannies, cooks, and helpers, mostly in the service industry. They have built strong relationships with them and even learn to communicate in their language. This is a strategic gospel opportunity. 

I believe that God had brought Filipinos to Dubai to be transformed by the Good News of Christ's redemptive work on the cross and had strategically placed them in key positions to herald the Good News of Jesus Christ to the unreached and least reached.