New Planter Spotlight: Cam Abbott

The Abbott Family

The Abbott Family

Cam Abbott

Cam Abbott


How have you seen God working in your life?

Over the past two years that we have been doing the ground work for this church plant, it seems that over and over again Jesus is continually pulling idols out of my hands. I have spent a lot of time journaling through this experience in church planting and working through emotions and different experiences. What I am learning is that Jesus really does want my whole devotion and I have experienced so much refining in my own life. I have been so challenged in my faith and the motives of why I even want to church plant. The layers and hidden agenda keep getting exposed and by God's grace he is moulding me into a man who will reflect Jesus and be faithful to what He has called me to do.

How have you seen God working in your family?

We have been a part of planting two other churches. One as part of the core team, the next on the leadership team and now in as the lead couple. You always anticipate that it will be hard on your family and good intentions can really only go so far. I have been learning that no one else will fight for our family time and for Sam and I to work on having a thriving healthy marriage. In the past 6 months, we have started a weekly date night on Monday night. No matter what is going on or what crisis, we never skip that night for us. Church planting has challenged us in how we view our home. At times, we've viewed it as a place of retreat and yet it's the place where we regularly host and have people to stay with us. We are learning through our church planting experience what it means to hold that balance and as a family do ministry together.

How have you seen God working in your church?

Our team is learning more about the sovereignty of God in His mission and really about God's heart for this community. At times, thoughts can pop up, "We're being so faithful" and yet I am watching our team really recognize that Jesus is infinitely more committed to reaching this community than we are. We have a handful of unchurched people journeying with our team, which is so exciting! It's in these moments where what you are trusting in to see the gospel planted in the community is exposed. The voice in my head wrongly says, "That if I just preached better sermons..." or our team says, "If we just did better community engagement, etc. then we would see these people come to faith." We are learning to a deeper degree that this is God's mission and he is control. Our call is to be faithful and the Holy Spirit will work through us and sometimes despite us to see our community changed by Jesus. So thankful to be learning with this family! 

Church Mission & Vision

We exist to point people to Jesus:
by making disciples who know, live and advance the gospel. 

By God's grace, we will see the community of Harbour Landing changed as those who do not know Jesus come to know him. 

Our community is extremely diverse. To give you a picture, our elementary school has 23 different nationalities speaking 29 different languages. To be a church that reflects the community, we will need to work through the mountain of complexities of being a multi-ethnic church. 

Our vision to plant a sending church. By God's grace, we will be a church that plants churches and in the next 5 years, send out a team to take the gospel to an unreached area of our city.

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