New Planter Spotlight: Jeremy Kemp

The Kemp Family

The Kemp Family

Jeremy Kemp

Jeremy Kemp


How have you seen God working in your life?

It was not always my life's goal to plant a church believe it or not. I can look back and see God's writing throughout my story. Many facets of who I am as a pastor have been a kind placement of circumstances orchestrated by God. I discovered the need to have fun while truly listening , befriending , and leading others to Christ in my time being a Youth Pastor. At our mother church CCPC I learned to lead being detail oriented and reliant on the Lord from the pastoral leadership there.. And being a father always shows me where I lack, how abundant my sin is, and how much I need Christ. After these many opportunities for refinement what God has for me daily now, is all that amplified. I wish to be the best, most dependable, listener, friend, father, and pastor which brings me to my knees begging my eternal father for the strength to lean on him and give his gospel proper representation.

How have you seen God working in your family?

My wife, Sarah she was made for this. She has always been a gifted teacher and extends herself to others so easily. As we planned this church, I knew I would not want to do this journey without her gifts. I believe I have seen her grow even more than I thought possible. She leads well delegates effortlessly, but most of all she calls others to Christ's love just by her spirit. As far as our children I felt when we began ,what a wonderful story for them, they are all 8 and under, and they get to plant a church. They will be eyewitnesses all through their childhood to " look what our heavenly Father did today". My favorite story so far is coming to work on Monday and finding my 5 year old had written his own prayer request. From the writing and the message " God help me" , I knew it was purely of his own volition. My heart was filled right there I knew this is exactly where I want my kids. Seeing God work and depending on his grace for us.

How have you seen God working in your church?

It amazes me to consider what Good Shepherd has become. We began as a few families driven to see where God would lead us. And now this great work takes place week in and week out. I felt excited and passionate to start a church, but I am astonished and so grateful that my church family,they feel it as well. They have owned this journey as their very own. Along the way we have learned planting a church is hard. It pushes you to arms of the Father. But we have already seen it is not a labor in vain. As a church family we are praying for growth and depth in our relationships. We have still at the center of our worship a goal to reach the community we reside in with Christ. Each Sunday I stand in front of people who heard a call and came alongside me to see God more fully. I feel privileged and a little overwhelmed at times. I feel this family yearns for a wonderful counselor, good good father, and rescuer of souls, my prayer is that I lead them to his feet.

Church Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to reach the 80% of the population in our home zip code that do not have the gospel. Our actions are to intentionally draw persons to Christ through the way we live, work, and play. We want to be good neighbors, co-workers, friends, and parents. The gospel is so very appealing and quenching to those in need of shelter and protection from this sinful world. My dream in five years is that we will be a well known community resource, because we will have extended our hands and open our doors to our community. The feel of our church is loving and fun and spans from college age to grandparents. My desire is that only solidifies over the next several years. Already I have seen individuals that are giving their gifts to God's cause, and the expectation is that just increases more and more. What was a glimmer of hope is now our reality each week. Our prayer is that we provide a glimmer of hope to others by providing the gospel.

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