New Planter Spotlight: Mark Robertson

The Robertson Family

The Robertson Family


How have you seen God working in your life?

It's been a joy to experience the movement of the Spirit in my own heart, played out in a renewed sense of excitement for the gospel and transformed lives in our community. I have experienced, by his grace, the depth of my own sin before him, but that has resulted in experiencing, by his grace, just how much he loves me. This has been reflected in my preaching of the Word, in my discipling the flock, and seeking the lost in our neighborhood. I am refreshed and excited about what God can do!

How have you seen God working in your family?

My family has always enjoyed being part of the family of God, but lately my wife especially has been using her gifts to share the love of Christ with the body of believers. She feels an urgent need to care for others in the church, and our children have picked up on that as well. Having started something from nothing, they have been able to see the different members of the church care for each other radically, and it's created in them a sense of belonging and intentionality that they might not have felt in a more established church. We have understood the need as a family for worship in our home, the necessity of prayer, and the joys of singing his praises in the house and even in the car!

How have you seen God working in your church?

I have learned that God is gracious in bringing together a variety of personalities and gifts to allow the church to flourish in areas of hospitality, service, and worship. We need the guy who plays the guitar - we need the couple to open their home - and we need those who will get in the trenches with us and do the hard work of caring for the poor. I have learned that we need all of these things - and somehow God has brought them together. Now people see our church and see a dynamic representation of who God is and what he wants to do in the world. I could not have done that alone, or even with a few folks, but we need the whole body of Christ coming together, shining the light of Christ in myriad ways.

Church Vision

Our vision statement is this:

We are a city on a hill, for the city in which we live;
shining the light of Jesus, for the glory of God.

We like to think about our local context: that we focus on our efforts to strengthen believers in our midst so that they can pour themselves out for their neighbors and for this community. We ask our folks to do three things: Love God. Love Each Other. Love This City.

The third facet especially will vary from individual to individual, but the Christian should be active in all three areas, fulfilling the greatest commandment given to us by Jesus himself. Our hope is by living out this vision, we will disciple-makers in this community, and the believers we have will grow in their Christian maturity.

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