New Planter Spotlight: Sean Sawyers

The Sawyers Family

The Sawyers Family

Sean Sawyers IS THE THE HEAD PASTOR FOR Boston North Presbyterian Church in Melrose, Massachusetts. WE ARE HONORED TO PARTNER WITH HIM AND THE CHURCH COMMUNITY BEGINNING IN 2018.

How have you seen God working in your life?

While I have known the facts of both the gospel and God's faithfulness for my entire adult life, the journey of church planting has poured those realities into my heart. While I was ministering in established churches, I studied and preached the gospel, and I thought I was anchored in it. However, the journey of planting has truly opened up the beauty of the gospel to my heart. I love Jesus more deeply now, and I hope to grow in that love. In addition, the Lord has shown me his faithfulness so intensely that I am overwhelmed. In my many areas of weakness, and lack of faith, he has shown his strength and his willingness to work through me to build his church.

How have you seen God working in your family?

While we were in ministry in established churches, our family had fallen into treating ministry as a job, specifically “dad's job.” Although Nikki and I were careful never to pressure our kids to appear a certain way because their dad is a pastor, we had fallen into a routine of church attendance rather than passionately pursuing God. Before we moved to the field, we had a few months of not being employed by a church, and it was good simply to be worshippers again and have the freedom to build relationships. My kids now have a new freedom to be themselves in a new city, and my wife gets to define her role instead of it being defined for her. We are now ministering, truly, as a family. It is not always easy, but it is a profound good to be building community relationships together as we watch the Lord build his church.

How have you seen God working in your church?

The Lord has taught me in the process of church planting that he is faithful! While I am to work, perhaps even be poured out, for the expansion of the gospel, it is God who builds his church. I am busy meeting people, building relationships and having the privilege of sharing the gospel, but the Lord has shown me that it is him working. Through lifting up Jesus in the preaching of Word, God draws people to himself. It is such a liberating joy to be reminded that we work but God saves! I am free to befriend everyone I meet, and pursue an ever deepening relationships with them, knowing that in the Lord's time he will make the opportunity to share the gospel clear. In addition, God himself brings in the various gifts and talents the church needs. I am free from worrying about this or that ministry because the Lord has shown that if it is from him then he will supply the people and resources.

Church Mission

Boston North Presbyterian seeks to expand the Kingdom of God into northern metro Boston through building a community of Christians and seekers who will then hold a worship service. In our super-busy, post-Christian context, hospitality-based relationship building is the key to seeing new people come to faith in Jesus. Our neighbors are not looking for a church service or activity, but they are looking for a community. By the Holy Spirit, we build that community in our homes, and then we come together to worship our great redeemer.

If you would like to reach out to Sean, you can visit the church's website at