New Planter Spotlight: Kevin Rodgers


Kevin Rodgers is the the head pastor for Redeemer Church in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. We are honored to partner with him and the church community beginning in 2018.

Gospel In Life

After working for years as a salesman and consultant I have a high degree of confidence in my self. I believed that I was the kind person of person who could make things happen. I was confident in my powers of persuasion and anticipated that these skills were going to make church planting if not simple, at least easier.

But I soon learned that when I tried to rely on these skills, everything was harder, took longer, and was less successful than I thought it should be.

I wish I could say that I learned this lesson quickly, and began to rely more on prayer and the Holy Spirit to move our church plant forward. But it is a lesson I'm still learning.

Gospel In Family

Parenting five kids is never easy. But we seemed to have it better than many people. I used to think that I could write a book on parenting. After all we seemed to have it together, our kids were (reasonably) well behaved. Now I know better.

Church planting will expose your idols better than anything I have experienced. The schedule of church planting, and the swirl of kids activities have shown me the importance of scheduled time for family life. Being willing to admit when you have failed as a parent, and to go back and try again is a humbling experience.

Greatest Impact

I have learned the power of love and acceptance to open people's hearts to the gospel. I have learned how powerful silently listening to people is. I learned that the simple practice of looking people in the eyes and asking them "tell me about your story?" Is the most powerful evangelism method I have ever practiced.

Church Mission

Our mission is to build a community of gospel-centered people that work together to serve and renew the City of Moncton. We desire to build a deep community that is so filled with the love of the gospel that this love spills out of them in acts of service and kindness. We are a safe place for those broken by the effects of sin to grow in their understanding of the healing power of gospel forgiveness.

Church Vision

  1. To be a congregation that connects people to God and his people.
  2. To be a community that is growing in out understanding of the Gospel and is growing in our application of the Gospel to our lives.
  3. To be a community known for our willing, practical service of our neighbours.
  4. To multiply similar congregations across the Maritimes.
  5. To cultivate a culture that truly welcomes and embraces both anglophone and francophone members of our community.

If you would like to reach out to Kevin, you can visit the church's website at