New Planter Spotlight: Tom Kubiak

The Kubiak Family

The Kubiak Family

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Tom Kubiak is the the head pastor for Imago Dei Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. We are honored to partner with him and the church community beginning in 2018.

Gospel In Life

By GOD'S grace, I was raised in a solid Christian home in the city of Chicago and responded to the gift of repentance from sin and faith in JESUS CHRIST at a Christian camp in Michigan as a middle-schooler. The LORD has used His life-changing Word, my family, the Church and many GOD-loving people to guide my spiritual journey. Two of the most profound, ongoing works of the SPIRIT in my life is taking me from a self-orientation to a Gospel-centered orientation of life (Luke 9:23-25) as well as leading me to greater depths of living by faith and not by sight (Hebrews 11:1,6).

Gospel In Family

Back in the day, it was tempting to assume that if our lives were focused around full-time Gospel ministry that it would naturally lead to effective, meaningful discipleship within our family. After leading two "turnaround" ministries and now leading a second new church start-up, we're more aware than ever before of the need to guard our hearts collectively, set up healthy boundaries and find our identity in CHRIST rather than the ministry or corresponding fruit of it. Thankfully, the LORD remained gracious and our marriage/family life was pretty tight and rooted in the love of GOD; but in the earlier years I should have been more intentional--disciplined--in providing protection for our family. After all these years, GOD has mercifully grown us in these areas (Proverbs 4:23).

Greatest Impact

In the process of this second church plant, the LORD has instilled a more genuine, keen sense of Gospel identity in Him rather than in the ministry itself or the fruit of it (John 15:1-11). Beyond theory, we find ourselves in life experience finding our sustenance from the VINE Himself and not merely the outward effects (whether uplifting or discouraging). It's affected our philosophy of ministry, metrics and source of contentment.

Church Mission

Imago Dei exists "to live out and share the Gospel in making devoted disciples of JESUS who, in turn, make followers of CHRIST." In this extremely neglected, under-served area of the City of Chicago (relative to Gospel-centered churches/planting), we aim to have a more organic, relational and incarnational local parish ministry that makes disciples of CHRIST who will reproduce their faith. Our prayer and aim is for a HOLY SPIRIT ordained spiritual awakening in our community that will provide the impetus for a multiplying church planting movement--up to five (5) new local churches in the next 10-15 years. Concurrently, this disciple-making model will prioritize equipping and empowering local leaders for synergistic Gospel impact throughout the far south side of Chicago.

Church Vision

Imago Dei's stated vision is to "see people transformed by the reconciling grace and power of the Gospel, find their identity in CHRIST, live in the SPIRIT as agents of peace and be equipped to make disciples for GOD’S glory." Our five core values: Gospel-centered, reliant prayer, authentic worship, missional movement and reconciled community. Due to the Gospel of grace as well as the demographics of our target neighborhoods, we are intentionally integrated ethnically, socio-economically and generationally. Praise GOD our new start-up already reflects this type of reconciled community! According to Scripture, "success" as we understand it is evident in life-change or transformation: in salvation and sanctification. So our metrics factor in spiritual conversations, conversions, baptisms, Gospel Community (small group) engagement, spiritual gift implementation, leadership development, loving neighborhood engagement, evidence of the fruit of the SPIRIT, reproduction and Kingdom of Heaven qualities (joy, peace and righteousness - Romans 14:17) seen in our church and community.

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